Seven Stars Science Day at Keele University12-06-2018 | 11:40:51 | No Comments

Yesterday, 15 Year pupils went to Keele University for an exciting day full of physics experiments. They were joined by pupils from the other schools that form part of the Seven Stars and got to meet some real-life scientists. The children built a rocket, visited the observatory, did real-life experiments linked to environmental science and had a tour of the university’s facilities. A fantastic day was had by all. 

Gestation Periods in Mammals12-06-2018 | 11:34:28 | No Comments

Last Friday, Year 5 began learning about the different lengths of time which mammals carry their foetus before giving birth. We compared the lengths using bar charts and were astounded to discover that elephants carry their young for nearly 2 years and rats only carry their for 21 days! It led to even more questions that we were excited to discover in future science lessons. 

Super Computing25-05-2018 | 12:52:16 | No Comments

Year 5 have been working on coding for the past term. The children have worked hard to create code that shows one of their favourite stories. Evie and Maisie worked particularly hard and if you follow the link (or QR code) below you’ll be able to see their creation. Well done girls, super work 🙂

Instructions for code –

Click on characters to make them move.

Press 1 for Mrs Potts to sing.

Press the enter key for Beast to speak to Belle


E-Safety in Year 525-05-2018 | 09:08:19 | No Comments

This week, Year 5 have been considering the apps that they use. We discussed the age restrictions and thought about why those limits are set. We then considered the story of Molly who lied about her age to use an app that was not appropriate to her age group. The children gave some great insights into Molly’s emotions and what she could have done to keep herself safe. A very thought provoking discussion. 

Fraction Dominoes02-05-2018 | 11:38:24 | No Comments

In maths, we are currently developing our understanding of fractions. To help us order and compare them we tried to make fraction lines with dominoes focusing on greater than or less than. Employing a range of strategies we were able to prove our reasoning and understand which fractions were closer to or further away from 1. 

Wonderful Watercolours30-04-2018 | 13:44:57 | No Comments

Today in Year 5, we focused our learning on the beauty of rivers and tried to capture their image using watercolours. We sketched our scenes using the lightest of pencil marks and then began using the water to help us achieve depth and texture in our creations. A lovely calm start to the week 🙂 

Wonderful Water18-04-2018 | 11:32:18 | No Comments

Today, we were treated to a visit from Severn Trent. Richard Clough came in to teach us more about our water cycle and how to save water and help our planet. We looked at how much water is used when taking baths compared to water used when taking a short shower. It certainly made us think about what we put down our drains too! 

Police Cadets Achievement28-03-2018 | 14:56:02 | 3 Comments

Today, Year 5 celebrated the achievements of the Police Cadets. After several weeks of learning about police work the children received certificates to commend them for their hard work. Sergeant Slinn from Biddulph Police Station and parents were invited along to share in the occasion and the children did a brilliant job of sharing their police cadets promise. Many thanks for all who attended and supported the children. 


Writer of the Week (16th March)21-03-2018 | 08:55:40 | 3 Comments

Well done to Logan in 5KB for writing a fantastic explanation text. Logan created his own pet for the Na’vi on Pandora, as part of an English project. His writing was full of useful tips and advice for taking good care of the ‘Snakeshee’.  Super work, Logan 5 Dojos 🙂 

Picture Perfect19-03-2018 | 21:44:36 | 2 Comments

Today, Year 5’s e-safety lesson focused on the editing and airbrushing practice used in advertising and the media. All the children were very interested to see the process used by McDonald’s to achieve the ‘perfect’ looking burger. It was especially illuminating to see how people’s images were changed and we debated the usefulness of this practice and how it could lead to unrealistic ideas about body image. See the link below for the video we watched.



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