Year 5 Hockey Tournament25-10-2018 | 15:53:49 | No Comments

Year 5 showed off their hockey skills today by competing in a year group tournament. They demonstrated good sportsmanship and followed the rules of the game well. Well done to all who competed and our winning teams 🙂 

Letter of praise!24-10-2018 | 08:11:29 | No Comments

Lovely to receive such positive praise for our children from Englesea Brook. The children had a lovely time and it was helped by the supportive and friendly staff at the chapel. Thank you to all, we are very proud of our young people 🙂 

Conker Battles22-10-2018 | 14:33:12 | No Comments

Today we have had a cracking time in Forest Schools! Working as a team we finished our strings, drilled our conkers and prepared to do battle. Everyone followed the rules and battled valiantly to see if their conker was the toughest of the lot. It was a great way to finish our first half-term’s sessions.


Mystery Reader in 5KB19-10-2018 | 11:24:34 | No Comments

A big thank you to Mrs Salt who came in and read to our class yesterday. We enjoyed your reading of ‘The Football Boy Wonder’ and it had a lovely message as we followed Charlie Fry trying to overcome his difficulties. Many thanks 🙂



Police Cadets 201817-10-2018 | 15:20:49 | No Comments

Today we celebrated the achievements of our Year 5 Police Cadets with an assembly attended by Chief Inspector, Mark Thorley. Ably assisted by our PCSO’s the children have enjoyed learning all about policing in our local community. Thank you to all who have supported our young Police Cadets. 

Englesea Brook17-10-2018 | 14:52:57 | 1 Comment

Yesterday, Year 5 enjoyed a trip to Englesea Brook as part of their Victorian topic. They learned about the contributions Victorians made to Christmas traditions by making a Christmas cracker, used an Atlas printing press to see how books were printed and played Victorian street games. However the highlight of the trip was going back in time and becoming a child attending Victorian Sunday school. The children represented themselves and the school beautifully and really gained insight into the life of a Victorian child. 

Bridge Building Parent Morning11-10-2018 | 15:48:27 | No Comments

Yesterday, Year 5 enjoyed their parent activity morning by building bridges inspired by the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Working in teams, the children had to design and build their own bridge (working within a budget) capable of holding 5 toy cars even in stormy conditions! Everyone had lots of fun and we had lots of highly successful bridges too. Thank you to everyone who came along to support the children. Also well done to Team Victoria who won the overall competition!

Super Science at Moorside11-10-2018 | 15:37:38 | 1 Comment

Year 5 represented themselves beautifully today at Moorside when we visited their Science department. The children had lots of fun learning about the gases that make up the air we breathe. We even got to see ‘elephant toothpaste!’ 

Magical Music09-10-2018 | 14:55:26 | 1 Comment

5KB today completed their music work at Moorside. The children have enjoyed two fantastic lessons using the Dance eJay program to mix their own compositions. They represented themselves and the school beautifully. Well done DJ’s!


Orienteering in Year 502-10-2018 | 07:06:33 | No Comments

This week, working in pairs the children had to write routes for their friends to navigate to find an animal that they had hidden somewhere within the school grounds. Some routes were easier than others to follow but we didn’t lose any children or animals in the end. Well done Year 5!

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