Writer of the Week (16th March)21-03-2018 | 08:55:40 | 1 Comment

Well done to Logan in 5KB for writing a fantastic explanation text. Logan created his own pet for the Na’vi on Pandora, as part of an English project. His writing was full of useful tips and advice for taking good care of the ‘Snakeshee’.  Super work, Logan 5 Dojos 🙂 

Picture Perfect19-03-2018 | 21:44:36 | 1 Comment

Today, Year 5’s e-safety lesson focused on the editing and airbrushing practice used in advertising and the media. All the children were very interested to see the process used by McDonald’s to achieve the ‘perfect’ looking burger. It was especially illuminating to see how people’s images were changed and we debated the usefulness of this practice and how it could lead to unrealistic ideas about body image. See the link below for the video we watched.




Bikeability Day 115-03-2018 | 15:03:54 | 2 Comments

After a wet start in the morning, Bikeability got under way for Year 5 today. The children have been very sensible and enjoyed learning how to keep themselves safe while on the road.

Hot Chocolate14-03-2018 | 12:37:30 | 2 Comments

Yesterday, Year 5 completed their design and technology project with the creation of their own hot chocolate drinks. Over the past few weeks, they have carefully considered their recipes, designed labels and then made their drinks. The drinks needed to balance health with taste and appeal to their target audience. We then got to taste and evaluate the finished product with some interesting results! 

Writers of the Week (9th March)14-03-2018 | 11:50:46 | 1 Comment

Once again, Year 5 impressed with their non-chronological report writing skills. This weeks ‘Writers of the Week’ are…Kacey & Freddie who used exciting language and an array of facts to produce excellent reports on Pandora. Well done – 5 dojos



To Infinity & Beyond!05-03-2018 | 16:49:33 | 3 Comments

Today Year 5 were treated to a visit from Scott Walker @ Keele University who came to deliver his lecture “To infinity & beyond”. Scott gave us real insight into the science behind space missions and showed us some amazing experiments that helped us to better understand what fuels rockets and Newton’s laws of motion. We were particularly interested in how astronauts go to the toilet while in space. Many thanks to Scott and the children who asked some very important questions. 

World Book Day 201801-03-2018 | 11:58:22 | 4 Comments

Thank you to all who made such a fantastic effort to dress up to help us celebrate World Book Day. We’ve had a lovely day sharing stories and thinking about the books we love!

Writer of the Week 5JL!16-02-2018 | 15:40:56 | 2 Comments

Well done to Noah and Mika who were this week’s writer of the week. They both wrote excellent Maya myths using all of their knowledge of the Maya civilisation. Both stories were a pleasure to read and they had clearly worked hard. Well done – 5 dojos 

Rockstar Heroes16-02-2018 | 15:37:16 | 3 Comments

5KB were again victorious in their latest battle of the bands on ttRockstars, against 6KH. Top 3 scorers were Katie, Will and Oliver. Well done to all who took part!



Writer of the Week 5KB!16-02-2018 | 15:11:30 | 3 Comments

Writers of week this week were Oliver & Phoebe. They wrote fantastic Maya Myths packed with exciting twists and detail. They were a pleasure to read. Well done, 5 dojos each 


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