Who won the Space Race?18-01-2022 | 15:30:32 | No Comments

What was the space race? - Quora

Over the last 2 weeks, Year 5 have been learning about the events of the ‘Space Race’. Last week, we researched the dates of key events and then today, we worked hard to place the events in chronological order to create our own timelines.

Is the Earth really flat?17-01-2022 | 16:33:44 | No Comments

Today, we learnt about the shape of the Sun, Moon and other planets. A long time ago, people believed that the Earth was flat. We discovered today that the Earth is shaped slightly like an ellipsoid. (An ellipsoid is a shape like a sphere, but it may be longer in one or more directions, like an egg, or a rugby ball.)

We also spent some time looking at the size of all of the planets, we replicated this model by using a range of different fruits. Mercury, the smallest was a blueberry and Jupiter, the largest was a watermelon.

We then concluded the lesson by trying to explain to members of the ‘Flat Earth Society’ that the Earth was not flat, due to the force of gravity.

Weird Weather & Bird Feeders16-01-2022 | 19:48:31 | No Comments

The last two week’s Forest School session in Year 5 have certainly been mixed. We began our sessions of 2022 with snow, that lasted all of an afternoon. The children were keen to enjoy it while it lasted and began to come up with their own activities. Some made snowmen or snow-cats, others made snow pictures or created games of snow basketball and some children even picked up shovels and began clearing pathways.

Last week, the weather had completely changed again. We enjoyed an afternoon filled with winter sunshine and started thinking about ways of helping nature during the winter months. The children made bird feeders using garden wire, twine, fruit and cheese and then chose suitable spots to hang them in our school grounds. A super start to the new year.

Cosmic Art backgrounds in Y5!14-01-2022 | 16:49:24 | No Comments

In Art, we are spending the next few weeks creating our own astronaut themed artwork. Today, we created the background of our canvas.

We looked at a range of cosmic backgrounds and then decided which colours and paint effects would best replicate this. We used a range of different techniques, using paper towels to ‘dab’ on the paint and flicking the paint using a paintbrush.

Our teachers think that the results so far look great. They can’t wait to see what we produce next week!

Prime, composite, square and cube numbers14-01-2022 | 16:07:25 | No Comments

Over the last 2 weeks in Maths, we have been learning about prime, composite, square and cube numbers. Mr Walley set us an ‘escape room’ challenge today, in which we had to work out the answers to several questions in order to reveal a 6-digit escape code.

Everyone worked really well in their pairs and some escaped in record time! Well done Y5!

A great first week back in Y5!07-01-2022 | 16:34:42 | No Comments

It’s been lovely to welcome everyone back into school this week. Mr Walley has particularly enjoyed teaching 5HT!

Our new topic is ‘What makes up our Galaxy?

To kick off our learning, in English, we are reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. So far, we all seem to be really enjoying learning about a boy named Liam who is abnormally tall and often gets mistaken for an adult, much to his Dad’s annoyance! Today, we wrote some great character descriptions to describe Liam.

Here’s a couple of examples of some super descriptions:

Liam Digby is not your average 12-ish year old. He is rather tall for his age and even has facial hair. Liam is very brave but childish. Just because he looks like an adult, doesn’t mean that he acts like one. – Eden.

Liam has a load of thick, spiky, brown hair which was harder to comb than a rock. His eyes gleam so that they really stand out. The most interesting thing about his appearance isn’t his height but it’s his rough, premature stubble on his chin. – Edward

Liam’s Mum was very worried about how tall he is so she took him to see a specialist. The specialist said that everything was fine, he is just above-average height. He has spiky, brown hair and eyes as black as coal. He even has premature facial hair that grows on his angular chin. – Charlotte

In Art, we will be creating our own space themed artwork, so today, we spent time using the internet to research images of astronauts and space.

Victorian Day in Y514-12-2021 | 15:56:28 | No Comments

What a fantastic day we have had today, taking on the role of Victorians!

We began the day by learning about Victorian crime and punishment. We discovered what some of the punishments inside a prison would have been like by having a go at them ourselves. These included:

Treadwheel – moving a huge wood and iron wheel with steps; the prisoner had to step on them with all his weight to make the wheel move.

Shot drill – lifting a heavy iron cannonball, move three paces to the right, put it down. Move back three paces and repeat the task again.

Picking oakum – pulling apart tarred rope so that it could be used again.

The crank – turning a crank 10,000 times a day, to earn meals for the day.

After our exhausting punishments, we pieced together our own timeline of key Victorian events and practised our best Victorian handwriting.

After lunch, we enjoyed learning about Victorian Christmas traditions, many of which still exist today. We finished the day by making our own Christmas crackers, as these were invented during the Victorian period.

A massive well done and thanks to everyone for making such a fabulous effort with your costumes!

Putting our parachutes to the test in Y5.03-12-2021 | 16:09:02 | No Comments

This week, we made a start on testing the parachutes that we made last week. We dropped each parachute from the same height and recorded how long each one took to fall to the ground. The parachutes that took the longest had the biggest force of air resistance acting upon it, meaning that it would be the safest one to land.

Building Bridges in Y503-12-2021 | 16:08:44 | No Comments

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning about famous Victorian inventors. We learnt about the engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He was famous for building bridges, ships and railways.

We have then spent a few weeks designing and building our own bridges. Watch this space as we will be putting them to the test next week!

Mastering column subtraction in Y5.26-11-2021 | 16:05:04 | No Comments

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on subtracting a range of 6-digit numbers, where multiple exchanges were required.

Earlier in the week, we were challenged to mark a range of column subtraction calculations that Mrs Little had attempted. She had warned us that she calculated them whilst watching the Bake Off final, so there may have been a few mistakes if she was distracted. We found that she had made quite a few errors so we corrected and explained her mistakes.

We then went on to solving calculations that had missing numbers. Our teachers were so impressed at our level of understanding! Well done Y5! There’s an example below to challenge yourself to whilst at home.

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