Forest School Compass Conundrum 217-09-2018 | 14:23:02 | No Comments

Today, Year 5 have been refining their compass reading skills and have tried to follow a compass to all 8 points within the school grounds. After collecting the clues at all 8 points we discovered one of our UK animals…a hedgehog.


5KB Reading Buddies14-09-2018 | 11:26:29 | No Comments

5KB enjoyed their first buddy reading session this morning. It was lovely to see the children discussing their books and they asked each other some very interesting questions. Sharing a story was a great was to start our day!

Science – exploring properties of materials11-09-2018 | 15:07:39 | No Comments

This afternoon, our Year 5 scientists devised their own experiments to test the properties of several different types of material. It was important to think about safety and fair testing during this. They then considered their results and thought about how they might change or improve their testing in the future. A super afternoon!

Forest Schools – Which way is North?11-09-2018 | 14:08:27 | No Comments

Year 5 spent their first Forest Schools lesson learning to navigate their way within the school grounds using a compass. It was a bit tricky at first and it took us a while to know our compass points. We then had to collect the clues and discover which animal had been hiding. A super start to our outdoor adventures. Remember; Naughty, Elephants, Squirt, Water. 

Rapid Rafts!18-07-2018 | 15:12:15 | No Comments

Year 5 have worked very hard over the last few days on a D&T project to build their own rafts as part of our ‘Rivers’ topic. After researching, designing and building, today was the moment of truth; would they sink or would they float? In groups we visited our newly created pond and tested our creations. Most were very successful and those with sails flew across the water! Many thanks to Inside Out Property and Landscape for designing our fantastic pond! 

Computer Buddies13-07-2018 | 12:38:09 | 1 Comment


This morning, Year 5 met up with their Reception buddies and helped them to log into the school computers. They showed them which buttons to click and press and then collaborated on creating a picture using the paint program. It was lovely to see how much our buddies have grown over the school year. 

Year 5 visitors26-06-2018 | 15:28:57 | No Comments

Year 5 had some very exciting visitors today to help us learning life cycles.

Sports Week 226-06-2018 | 11:49:10 | No Comments

Today we continued our activities with a mile around the school field and then some calming yoga in class. We all did really well in spite of the heat and everyone made sure they stayed hydrated while still having lots of fun. 

Sports Week in Year 526-06-2018 | 09:51:40 | 1 Comment

Yesterday, Year 5 participated in their own mini-World Cup to kick start our sports week. All the children showed great sportsmanship and tried their best. England were the winning side and we’re hoping it’s going to prove true in the real World Cup too! A big thank you to LMA for organising the games. 


Seven Stars Science Day at Keele University12-06-2018 | 11:40:51 | 3 Comments

Yesterday, 15 Year pupils went to Keele University for an exciting day full of physics experiments. They were joined by pupils from the other schools that form part of the Seven Stars and got to meet some real-life scientists. The children built a rocket, visited the observatory, did real-life experiments linked to environmental science and had a tour of the university’s facilities. A fantastic day was had by all. 

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